Warid Call & SMS Block 9211

Do you often see yourself taking calls or SMS that you don´t want to? Well, you can now block all the unwanted calls and SMS with “Warid Call & SMS Block 9211” service and get control over calls & SMS you wish to restrict. With “Warid Call & SMS Block 9211” service‚ you can block unlimited on-net, off-net and international numbers.

Key Features
  • You can create a block list for the obnoxious caller(s) that will be maintained at our end which may contain unlimited on-net, off-net and international number(s).

  • Once subscribed to the service the obnoxious caller(s) will be assigned a default announcement.

  • You can also choose from a wide range of pre-recorded announcements against a specific caller(s).

  • Express yourself in your own style as Warid also provides you with the option of assigning self recorded announcements (subject to approval) against the obnoxious caller’s number(s).

  • You can also subscribe to the SMS notification service through which you have an option to be alerted whenever the obnoxious caller tries to call you.

  • The service is available for both postpaid and prepaid subscribers
How to register

The registration for “Warid Call & SMS Block 9211” service can be done by dialing 9211 or via SMS. The details for the same are provided below:

Dial IVR 9211 and follow the instructions to subscribe the service


Type “ Sub ” in the SMS option and send it to 9211

Monthly subscription charges of Rs. 19+Tax shall be applicable for both prepaid and postpaid users.

Charges of Rs. 2+tax/minute shall be applicable.


Monthly subscription charges: Rs. 19+tax

IVR Charges of Rs. 2+tax/minute apply for calling 9211

Block List
  • Adding a number to the block list:
    • In order to add a number to your block list; send “block”<0321xxxxxxx> in a SMS to 420.

  • Removing a number from the block list:
    • In order to remove a number from your block list; send “unblock”<0321xxxxxxx> in a SMS to 420.

  • Removing all numbers from the block list:
    • In order to delete all the numbers added from the block list send “delete all” in a SMS to 420.

  • Retrieving all numbers added to the block list:
    • To retrieve the numbers added to your block list send “List” in a SMS to 420. The character limit for an SMS is 160 characters.

  • Adding latest caller’s number to the block list:
    • You can also add the latest caller’s number to the block list, type “Last” and send it as an SMS to 420. The system shall automatically detect the number from which you received the last call and add it to your block list.

    • Charges of Rs. 2+tax per SMS shall be applicable on all commands sent to 420

  • Default Announcement:
    • Once you have subscribed to the service a default announcement against the obnoxious caller(s) in the block list shall be assigned.

  • “Muaziz customer aapka matlooba number ka sarif aap say baat karnay ka khwahishmand nahi”

  • Setting an announcement of your choice:
    • If you wish to change the default announcement, you can select an announcement of your own choice from our wide range of amusing pre-recorded announcements. Simply dial 9211 from your mobile phone. Charges of Rs. 2+Tax per minute shall be applicable.


  • To choose an announcement via SMS type ann<space> <announcement code>space<mobile number on which you wish to assign the announcement> in your SMS & send it to 421. E.g Ann <space><ann code> <space><0321xxxxxx>

The list of prerecorded announcements in English and Urdu is as follows:

Prerecorded Announcements
Announcement Titles Announcement IDs Listen
Number Block kiya ja chukka hai 001
Kiyay jayay phone 002
Ha Ha Ha 003
Aapko block liya ja chukka hai 004
Apni qismat zyada azma lee 005
Not get through 006
Apka chehra dekhnay laiq hoga 007
Dubara koshish mat kijyay ga 008
Self destruct 009
Dubara dial mat kijyay 010
Aapki Bewaja calls 011
That’s what you deserve 012
Bar bar mana karnay kay bawajood 013
Bay maqsad amal 014
Get a life 015
Waqt ka achay tareeqay say 016
It would appear 017
Number band Hai 018
Just a hint 019
Number Pohanch say door 020
Number Masroof Hai 021
Don’t try again 022
Too fed up 023
Not welcome 024
Better use of time 025
Not wish to speak to you 026
Out of reach 027
Number busy 028

*All recordings are in WAV format.

Charges of Rs. 10+Tax per announcement shall be applicable.

Self Recorded Announcements via IVR:
  • You can also record announcements (15 seconds long) in your own voice by dialing 9211 from your Warid number and following the instructions. The announcement(s) shall be subject to approval.

Charges of Rs. 2+Tax per minute shall be applicable.

To deactivate Warid call block Type “ STOP ” in your SMS option and send it to 420


Warid reserves the right to reject and delete the self recorded announcement if: “The aforementioned contains elements which render the Content or any part thereof unlawful, threatening, malicious, obscene, pornographic, profane, misleading, defamatory or otherwise prohibited for distribution inter alia, in the Territory”.