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My Guide

Lost a friend in a big crowd? Nobody to ask directions from? Initiate the request to track any other Glow user and voila! You will find out their exact location in no time! To keep everyone’s privacy, location is returned only if the recipient grants consent to be tracked.

To Activate

SMS Find <space> recipients number to 8448

SMS ‘Find Me’ to 8448


Rs. 3+tax

To Activate:

SMS 'Near' or 'Place' to 8448

SMS 'help' to 8448 


SMS to 8448 @ Rs. 3 +tax

My Guide is the most widely used and easily accessible location service available to all Glow customers. My Guide service offers the following features

a. Find your friends’ location:
You can request location of any Warid subscriber. Simply SMS 'Find <space> recipients number' e.g. 'Find 92321444xxxx' to 8448. Any Glow customer can initiate the request to track any other Glow user. Location is returned only if the recipient grants consent to initiator to track him/her. The recipient of consent request has the following options to choose from whenever someone tries to track them:

  • Yes, Just this time Allow the initiator to track only the current location of recipient once
  • No Deny the initiator from tracking the recipient's location
  • Always Grant a permanent consent to the initiator to track the recipient anytime without seeking their consent each time. In order to revoke this permanent consent, a customer can send an SMS 'No d<space> Initiator’s number' to 8448.

b. Find your own Location:
If you are lost and wish to know where you are, this feature helps you know your current location. Simply SMS ‘Find Me’ or 'Find<space> your own number' e.g Find 92321444xxxx to 8448.

c. Find Places of interest:
Locate businesses, attractions and other important places like restaurants, boutiques, banks, tourist spots etc. near you. SMS 'Near' or 'Place' to 8448 to get a list of categories to choose from, and you will receive a list of places of your selected category within a range of 2 km around you. You can select any place to get its details. Sometimes, the points list of the selected category is long, in which case you are prompted to reply with '*' to get more points, e.g. in restaurants if you receive an initial list of ten restaurants, you can get the remaining list by simply replying to the SMS with '*'

d. Help
In order to get a list of commands/keywords used for MyGuide service, you can send an SMS 'help' to short code 8448 and you will receive brief tips to use the service.

  • Each SMS sent to short code 8448 is charged @ Rs. 3+t
  • No subscription is required

Replies to consent requests send to short code 84481 are free of cost