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Out of credit? Need to make an emergency call? Instead of you paying for the calls and SMS as the system usually works, Collect Call and SMS allows the receiver to pay and in this way it allows you to make the outgoing call or SMS free of cost. 

To Activate

SMS "SUB" to 6104

Dial *103*<mobile number>#




Collect Call @ Rs. 1.6+tax/minute

Collect SMS @ Rs. 1+tax/SMS

Additional Features

The following additional features are available for Collect Call and SMS subscribers:

  • Blacklist
    • You can blacklist a particular number or a range of numbers. Collect SMS from blacklisted numbers will be rejected automatically
    • You can set an auto reply message for blacklisted numbers
  • Whitelist
    • Provides the ability for the receiving party to automatically receive and pay for incoming SMS from a specific number. The receiver will not be prompted about the incoming SMS
  • Do not disturb function
    • Blocks all attempts to send a Collect SMS to a particular number
  • Collect SMS allowance from specific numbers
    • Allows you to specify how many messages, from a specific numbers, that you may receive automatically

You can avail these additional features by sending the following commands to 6104:

Features Command
Whitelist MSISDN ADD WL<space>032x-xxxxxxx
Blacklist MSISDN ADD BL<space>032x-xxxxxxx
Delete Whitelist MSISDN DEL WL<space>032x-xxxxxxx
Delete Black List MSISDN DEL BL<space>032x-xxxxxxx
Request for White List List WL
Request for Black List List BL
Delete While List Del wl all
Delete Black List Del bl all
Block CC requests Block
Unblock CC requests Unblock
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