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Facebook Mobile

You can use facebook through SMS now! Update your status, post on your friend’s wall, message your friends, add new friends, poke them and what not. Just sync your Facebook account with your Glow mobile number and get cracking! 

To Activate

Blank SMS to 32665


Rs. 1+ tax/SMS
Notifications are FREE


  • Log in to your Facebook account at http://www.facebook.com/mobile
  • Go to your “Profile” page & enter “Info” tab. Enter your phone number under “Contact Information” and save settings.
  • Under Settings, click on “Account Settings” and go to “Mobile” tab.
  • Click on the link “Register for Facebook Mobile Texts”
  • A pop up window will appear. Select the country as Pakistan and select the carrier from drop down menu as “Warid Telecom. Click on Next
  • Send ‘F’ in SMS to 32665. After sending the SMS, click next
  • You will receive a code, that you will enter in the designated space under “Enter the code here”.
  • Once the code is entered and confirmed, your mobile number will be linked with Facebook. You will be guided to the configurations page.
  • Set your configurations according to your choice, and click on “Save Preference”. You will notice your phone number listed in the drop down menu under “My Phones”.
  • You are all set to use Facebook Mobile Texts

Set up Facebook Status:

Send your status update at 32665. i.e., <content> to 32665, e.g., “Its raining after so many days!” to 32665

Send Message to a Friend:

Send a message to your friend. i.e., “message <space> <friend’s name> <content>, e.g., “message Hammad Hey bro! Where’s the party tonight?” to 32665

Write on Friend’s Wall:

Scribble on your friend’s wall. Send an SMS to 32665 along with your friend’s name. i.e. “wall <friend’s name> <content>, e.g., “Wall Haider Hey dude! Heard you’r leaving for states! Best of luck” to 32665.

Poke a Friend:

Now you can poke your friend as much as you want. Send “poke <friend’s name>” to 32665.

Search for Friend’s Information:

Send “find <friend’s name> to 32665, and get his/her info on the information on name, e-mail, status, marital status and more.

Add a Friend:

Simply send SMS to 32665 as “add <friend’s name>. Don’t worry, if there are multiple names available. You will receive SMS  with list of closest matches of your friend’s name.

Find a Friend’s E-mail:

Need your friend’s e-mail address? Is he a friend on Facebook? Send his/her name in SMS as “email <name>” to 32665. You will receive an SMS along with the desired e-mail address.

Undo Status Change:

If a customer updates a status, which needs to be deleted or removed immediately, simply reply the notification with “undo”. The recent status update will be removed.

Help Functionality:

To find additional commands, send “help” in SMS to 32665, you will receive a list of commands that can be used to perform activities on Facebook.


To deactivate notifications on mobile handset, send “OFF” to 32665. You will be longer be able to receive notifications on your handset.


To re-activate notifications on mobile handset, send “ON” to 32665. You will start receiving notifications. Please note that the first time setup requires the code that needs to be entered in Facebook Mobile Text setup.


Facebook notifications are FREE of cost

Facebook SMS charges are Rs. 1/SMS