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Get hooked to the best music in the world and carry it with you anywhere, anytime! Our music library has the most amazing collection of music that is best suited for your moods. Be it latest bollywood, Pakistani or English songs, old melodies or your favorite remixes, we have it all.

To Activate

Dial 444


Rs. 3+tax/min

How to access:

Dial 444 & follow the instructions. Rs 3+tax/min


Subscribe to our exciting packages by dialing 444 & pressing 3

Charges Free Minutes
Package 1 Rs. 25 +tax 100 Minutes
Package 2 Rs. 15+tax 40 Minutes

After registration, you will have to dial 440 to access your free minutes.
*Please note that to redeem your free minutes you need to dial 440.
If you dial 444, Rs 3+tax/min will be charged to your account.

Q. How do I create/edit my Playlist?

You can create your own play list by adding your favorite songs. This way you can listen to your favorite songs every time you access the service.

Steps to follow:

  • Dial 444 if you are a regular customer or 440 if you have subscribed to a package.
  • While listening to a song, you can add the song in your play list simply by pressing ‘3’.
  • To delete a song from your playlist, press ‘8’.
  • Press 1, for next song
  • Press 2, for previous song
  • To shuffle playlist, press 7

You can also create, delete & edit your personal playlist online http://www.waridtel.com/wmc

Q. How do I share my playlist?

Share your play list with your friends! 

Dial 444 if you are a regular user & 440 if you have subscribed to a music club package.

Press 2 to enter the menu for playlist.

You will be required to enter your friend's mobile number in the following format 032xxxxxxxx.

Q. How to download a ringtone?

In order to download ring tones of your favorite songs, press * while listening to the song.

Record a song & send to friends:

To record a song in your own voice, press 4 while you are browsing the main menu.

To send it to your friend, enter the mobile number of your friend in the format 032xxxxxxxx.

To download poly tones & true tones, you need to have GPRS activated on your handset.

This service is available for all prepaid & postpaid packages.

All recorded songs will be screened prior to submission in order to filter out any inappropriate content.