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Name Tune

Make a personalized caller tune by choosing famous Bollywood and Lollywood character dialogues and adding your name in it! Share a laughter with your friends and surprise them when they are not expecting it.

To Activate

Dial 5151

SMS <your name> to 5152


IVR 5151 @ 0.30+tax/min


  • User dials a short code (5151), where user is asked to select content type from two categories Caller Tunes and Ringtones.
  • After that user is taken to the main menu of the service where user is offered below given categories of Caller Tunes and Ringtones to choose from.
  • There will be a number of sample audio templates that the user can listen to, and select from
  • After confirmation of the template, user will be informed to send in their Name via SMS on short code (5152)
  • A reminder SMS will also be sent to the user asking him to send in its name
  • Once the name is sent, we will process the request through back end and will send a link to customer from where the subscriber can download the Ringtone via Wifi or GPRS For Caller Tune user would receive an SMS informing that the tune has been set.


This below following charges of MRBT and Song Dedication service is already exists and there is no other charges will be applied for this App.

Type Purpose Short Codes Price (Pkr)
SMS Confirmation message 5152 0
IVR Per Minute IVR charging 5151 0.30+t Rs. 5+tax / per 
SMS Downloading content 5151 downloading Ringtone.