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Personalize your conversations by playing music in the background to match your mood. Just select the song you want and hear the music play during the call. And that’s not all; you can also select different music for different people and play special sounds during the conversation at the press of a button.

To Activate

Dial 5500

Dial the number with prefix 55


Rs. 5+tax /week


IVR 5500 @ Rs. 2.5+tax /min

Music Content purchase @ Rs. 3+tax 

Once the service is activated, you can dial 5500 and either select different songs for different mobile numbers or you can select one single song for all mobile numbers.

This is an easy to use service so users will not be having any difficulty in adopting it. It is handset independent, requiring no additional setting or application installation for use. Moreover, it can be offered for both post-paid and pre-paid subscribers. To enhance user-friendliness the service will be available in both English and Urdu.

During the call keys 1-8 are used for song selection

Key * and # are used to increase and decrease volume



Dial IVR 5500 to Subscribe


Dial IVR 5500 to Unsubscribe

Making the call

Dial IVR 5500 and follow the instructions to make the call
Dial the number with prefix 55 to make the call directly. For example to make the call on 03211234567, Dial 5503211234567


Rs. 5+tax / week rental (Glow)
Rs 2.5+tax / min for IVR 5500
Rs 3+tax / Music Content purchase
Rs0.5+tax / Content monthly renewal