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Name Compatibility:

A fun and interesting SMS based service where user sends in the His/Her Name space Friend’s name to the short code

User receives a description to determine the relationship potential of the user and their friend.

The love potential is in Roman Urdu for better understanding

Name Compatibility is on Short code 1001 priced at Rs. 10+t/sms


Song Dedication IVR:

On Song dedication IVR, you can select songs from our exciting range of love songs from the categories given below and dedicate songs to your loved ones

Atif Aslam



Punjabi Hits

Meekal Hassan Band

Muratab Ali

Zafar Iqbal


All you have to do is dial 1700 and then go to a category, listen to the song, if you like the song and want to dedicate then press 4.

If you want to add your audio message with the song then press 1. You will be asked to record your message. And then input the number on which to dedicate.

If you do not want to send a message with the song then Press 2 and then input your friend’s number.


So go ahead and make someone feel special.


Your song dedication can be sent to any number, any network in the country.


Call charges to 1700 are Rs.10 +tax /min.

To Activate

Name Compatibility: SMS <your name><space><partner’s name> to 1001

Song Dedication IVR: Dial 1700 to IVR


Name Compatibility: Rs. 10+t/sms

Song Dedication:  Rs.10 +tax /min.

 Prizes details: 

  • 3 mobile handsets (SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE 4 LTE)  to Top 3 users (most SMS sent on Name compatibility) (1001)
  • 2 mobile handsets (SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE 4 LTE) to Top 2 users (most no. of minutes usage of Song Dedication Service) (1700)