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Ladies Portal

Information, entertainment, tips and tricks on a diverse range of female oriented topics that will make every young lady’s life much easier and fun! It comes with a long list of dynamic segments which are updated weekly to allow you to live an up-to-date lifestyle. 

To Activate

Dial 3838


Rs. 1+tax /day


Rs. 0.10+tax / min for IVR

Live service will give a revolutionary infotainment platform for the users of Glow. The product is based on interactive live shows on a wide variety of topics. The users can listen to these shows via IVR. The service will be similar to FM radio shows, using IVR as a transmission medium.

Show Categories:

  • Expert Centers
  • Educational
  • Religion
  • Celebrity
  • Special Day Shows
  • Music Corner
  • Social Corner
  • Quiz & Gaming
  • Technology