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Radio Station

The magic spell of Glow Radio Station transforms your phone into a radio and a Television! You can receive a live feed on your cell phones with the option to browse through a vast range of diverse Radio and TV stations in various languages.

To Activate

Dial 3030


Rs.0.20+tax/minute (plus Rs. 1 +tax/day)

Glow Radio Station brings a taste of Radio and TV directly on your mobile phones! You can receive live feed over your cell phones with the option to browse different Radio and TV.By subscribing to Glow Radio Station, you will be able to browse through our content catalogue at any time, in the language of your choice*.

Glow Radio Station gives you the ability of browsing through the following TV and Radio channels from your mobile phones:


  • Madani Channel
  • Dunya
  • Samaa TV
  • 8xM
  • Abbtakk
  • Apna Channel


  • FM 106.2
  • SAMAA FM 107
  • FM 100


Dial 3030 to access Glow Radio Station. After subscribing through the IVR, you will receive a confirmation SMS from shortcode 3030 to confirm your subscription.

*Glow Radio Station is available in English and Urdu