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Super Dosti Package

Because there is one single friend who deserves more attention than everyone else, Glow brings Super Dosti Package! Now enjoy unlimited calls and 1,000 SMS to one Super FNF along with exceptionally low calling rates for 10 FNF.

Call type Charges
Super FNF Free
On net FNF 0.45/ 30 sec
Off net FNF 0.45/ 30 sec

Base tariff:

On net Off net
Local calls 1.25 1.25
Local SMS 0.50 0.50

Miscellaneous tariff:

Other charges As per unit
International SMS Rs. 2.5
MMS Rs. 3
International MMS Rs.10
Mobile Internet Rs. 1.2/ 512 KB




To Activate

For Super FNF send free<space><Glow number> to 2129

For adding regular FNF: send Add <space> FNF number to 2129

 Migration charges

  • Rs. 10 from Glow 1, Glow 2 & Glow Dosti to Glow Super DostiPackage
  • Rs. 25 from Warid Prepaid to Glow Super Dosti Package

Other charges

  • Rs.1 will be charged only on the first F&F off-net call made in a day
  •  Rs. 2 will be charged for all SMS sent to 2129
  •  Rs. 1 will be charged for all SMS sent to 7777
  •  Daily charges of Rs.2+tax will be charged on Super Dosti Number

Manage your FNF

  • You can add up to 10 FnF (8 on-net & 2 off-net) numbers in your FnF list
  • Add an FnF number: SMS Add<space><Glow number> to 2129 @ Rs. 7
  • Delete an FnF number: SMS Del<space><Glow number> to 2129 @ Rs. 2
  • Check your FnF list: SMS List to 2129 @ Rs. 2
  • You can change your FnF numbers as many times as you like


  • To check remaining free sms, dial *200*111#
  • Incase of insufficient balance offer will be deactivated
  • After offer has been deactivated due to insufficient balance, send free<space>on to 7777 to re-subscribe
  • Base tariff will be charged on all calls from 6pm till 11pm
  • 30 sec pulse to be charged unless specified
  • Call setup fee of Rs. 0.15 (including tax) will be charged on the first pulse for each call
  • Incase you are on any other package, upon sending free<space>number to 2129, your super FNF will be added & package will be changed simultaneously
  • SUPER FNF only be compatible with SUPER DOSTI Package. Customer should delete and re-add for other Tariff plan.