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International Call Offer

Enjoy the freedom to stay connected beyond borders at the most affordable international calling rates and with supreme voice quality. Call for as low as 48 paisas / 20 secs to the destinations of your choice.

Destinations Charges(Rs./20 Sec)
Australia(LL) 0.48
Belgium(LL) 0.48
Canada(LL+M) 0.48
China(LL+M) 0.48
Denmark(LL) 0.48
France(LL) 0.48
Germany(LL) 0.48
Greece(LL) 0.48
Hong Kong(LL+M) 0.48
UK(LL) 0.48
USA(LL+M) 0.48
Italy(LL) 0.48
Netherlands(LL) 0.48
Norway(LL) 0.48
Spain(LL) 0.48
Sweden(LL) 0.48
Argentina(LL) 1.50
Austria(LL) 1.50
Cyprus(LL) 1.50
Hungary(LL) 1.50
India(LL+M) 1.50
Ireland(LL) 1.50
Japan(LL) 1.50
Malaysia(LL+M) 1.50
NewZealand(LL) 1.50
Singapore(LL+M) 1.50
South Korea(LL) 1.50
Switzerland(LL) 1.50
Taiwan(LL) 1.50
Thailand(LL+M) 1.50
Venezuela(LL) 1.50
  • This offer is valid for selected destinations only

  • To subscribe to the offer, SMS “ON” to 4343.

  • This offer can be availed by both Warid Postpaid and Warid Prepaid customers.

  • Daily rental for prepaid customer is Rs. 2. In case of rental failure, offer will no longer be valid and will have to be re-subscribed.

  • Billing pulse after subscribing the offer will be 20 seconds for the listed countries only. All other international destinations will be billed at 60 seconds pulse.

  • Discounted rates are applicable on both landline and mobile, depending on the selected destination.

  • Discounted rates will be valid throughout the day, without any time restriction.

  • To unsubscribe, SMS “OFF” to 4343.

  • This is a limited time offer.

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