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Glow sponsors LUMS society

Glow by Warid, the top youth brand of the country is the official sponsor of the Music Society of LUMS for the academic year 2013-2014. With the help of Glow, the Music Society has been able to take their events to a level which has not been seen in previous years. At the same time, the Music Society has upheld the brand image of Glow by Warid as one of the best marketing and sponsorship partners in all societies present at LUMS. The events that have so far taken place successfully are:

15th Anniversary Concert –The Music Society of LUMS celebrated its 15th birthday in style as they heldtheir 15th Anniversary concert at the start of October 2013. The major significance of this concert was that for the past 5 years, no concert had taken place, during the semester when full strength of students is present at LUMS!The society invited the famous Pakistani Rock band Noori, who are also the founders of the Music Society at LUMS, to perform at the event. With the help of Glow, a huge setup was arranged, bigger than what normal concerts accommodate here at LUMS. The event proved to be a huge success, with more than 750 tickets sold and with guests included, the society hosted a crowd of over 1,000 students.

Thriller Night :Every year, the Music Society of LUMS hosts a Halloween themed internal concert referred as the Thriller Night at which the internal society members perform. This year it was even bigger. With the theme ‘Villains’ everyone dressed up to the best of their ability to look as monstrous as possible. This included get ups ranging from the Hulk to Dexter and even deadly ninjas! The Music Society of LUMS performed both local and international numbers to entertain a crowd of around 700 students. Overall, the event proved to be a success.

LUMS Music Festival :The biggest event this year was the LUMS Music Festival 2014. This was the second time the Festival was actually taking place and was organized on a much larger scale as compared to last time. The Festival hosted over 300 musicians from various cities including Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad, Karachi and others who gathered to compete against each other in a number of competitions. These included the Singing competitions, both eastern and western, an instrumental competition, a music trivia and the Battle of the Bands. Along with this, the Music Society arranged social events on all three days. On the first day, Goonga and MithuSaeen gave a spiritually uplifting dhol performance followed by vintage songs from Rock for Peace. On the second day, the bhangra duo Josh performed. This concert was even bigger than 15thAnniversary concert, hosting around 1500 people, both from LUMS and outside participants and guests. Many people have termed it as "one of the best concerts arranged at LUMS". Finally, on the third day, a formal dinner took place which was also the "Awards Night" for the participants. Punjab University won two awards, a student from LSE won western singing while GIKI was the winner of the Battle of the Bands. LUMS Music Festival is an event that has huge potential for growth in the future. No other university or institution has ever hosted such a bigr festival that is solely dedicated to music.