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Dear Customer, in order to maintain service levels; Facebook & Whatsapp traffic shall be subject to mobile internet charges from 8th July 2014 between 10PM-12AM                                         For Prepaid Balance Inquiry Dial *100# for Rs.0.20+tax, For any query call 321 helpline for Rs. 2+tax (50 paisas per call and Rs. 1.50 for customer services representative). For all recharges 15% withholding tax, 5% admin fee and 5% maintenance charges apply.                                         Muaziz Sarif, services ke mayar ko barqarar rakhne ke liye Warid Apna Shahar Offer, FnF Offer aur Daily/Weekly SMS bundles, 28th July se 30th July tak mayassar nahi hongai                                          Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA